Christmas for children from Słubice and Frankfurt

Our Association at this year's Christmas, organized by the local government of the two-city Słubfurt. All our children are ours! ... >>>

Meeting with Annalena Baerbock and Joschka Fischer

The president of the Association, Joanna Józefiak, spoke with the first head of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and with the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Joschka Fischer. ... >>>

1st Polish-German Medical Forum in Guben.

Cross-border patients, also with chronic ailments, can count on better medical care. This is the result of the findings of the first Polish-German Medical Forum in Guben. ... >>>

Meeting with Mrs. Hartwig-Tiedt and Mr. Barta at the Ministry in Potsdam

Our Association - represented by our President Joanna Józefiak, Dr. Thilo Hennecke and Mateusz Klimaszewski - talked to the Secretary of State, Mrs. Almuth Hartwig-Tiedt, and the head of the health department at the Brandeburg Ministry of Labor and Health - Thomas Barta. ... >>>


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