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Health Care
Beyond Borders
Health Care
Beyond Borders


With an expert delegation from Poznan, Poland.

With our guest from visiting the hospital in Frankfurt (Oder). … >>>

Joanna Józefiak, ważny głos na W4UA 2023.

World For Ukraine W4UA Summit 2023

Joanna Józefiak, an important voice on health care during the W4Ua Summit 2023. … >>>

For healthcare without borders: In Pl, DE, in the World.

Our Mission Possible. For Healthcare Beyond Borders … >>>

World4Ukraine Summit, Poland Rzeszów

Mediciner was Partner of the first W4UA Summit  … >>>

About Us

The “Mediciner” was founded seven years ago. Initiated as a bilateral initiative by experts and medical professionals from the Polish-German border region in 2015, we quickly became international. The Polish-German Association for Cooperation in Healthcare became “Mediciner” – International Healthcare Association. Feedback from both experts and patients from Poland and Germany about their challenges motivated us to pave new ways and to adapt national health care systems to the needs of comprehensive cross-border health care.

New challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic know no national boundaries. We respond and grow with new needs. Since the Russian invasion of our neighboring country Ukraine we act in solidarity and provide humanitarian medical aid for Ukraine, we have been working even harder to coordinate and transnationalize health care in Germany, Poland and around the world.

We work closely with our partner organizations in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and the United States.

Together we are stronger!


Prof. Gesine Schwan –
Patroness of the Association

What encouraged you to become our Patroness?

I believe private initiatives will play an increasingly meaningful role in the next few years  for democratic systems in general, and especially to reenergize the cohesion of the European democratic community.

What changes and improvements would you like to see the association bring?

Both sides (Polish and German – editor’s note) can use their expertise, knowledge of their country, as well as network with decision-makers to carefully target an approach to ensure that in the future every single medical case will receive the best possible treatment and that patients will no longer have to suffer dangerous complications due to an unnecessary waste of time.

Frankfurt/Oder, 2016.


Our initiators: Mrs. Hartwig-Tiedt and Mr. Barta from the Ministry of Labor and Health in Brandenburg (MASGF)
New ventures for cross-border services and cooperations in health care after Poland’s accession to the EU in 2004

We discussed the need to improve cross-border healthcare in the German-Polish border area and the opportunities for cooperation after Poland acceded to the European Union together with the Secretary of State, Mrs. Almuth Hartwig-Tiedt and the Head of the Health Care Department of the Brandenburg Ministry of Labor (MASGF), Mr. Thomas Barta.

We thank Ms. Hartwig-Tiedt and Mr. Barta for their support and an inspiring exchange during the early days of our Association!




Dr. med. Thilo Hennecke from our Association (from left); Thomas Barta, former Head of the Health Care Department of the Ministry (MASGF) in Brandenburg; President of the “Mediciner”, Joanna Józefiak, the former Secretary of State, Almuth Hartwig-Tiedt (Potsdam, December 6, 2016).


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