Polish-German Medical Forum (Guben, DE)

(Guben, 22.09.2021) Cross-border patients, including those with chronic diseases, can expect better medical care. This is the result of the first German-Polish medical forum in Guben.

Almost 100 doctors, nursing and long-term care professionals from Brandenburg in GErmany and and the Lubuses Land in Poland met in the Guben town hall to exchange experiences and impulses regarding modern patient care and to deepen cross-border cooperation in health care.

Off to the future!

The implementation of Polish-German the so-called rescue agreement on the cooperation of rescue services across the borders is – after many years of negotiations – a chance to improve the care of emergency patients on both sides of the Oder or Neisse. “The agreement is a breakthrough, finally! But we think further – there is still a lot to do. Together with our friends, with the mayor of Guben Fred Mahro, we want to continue to intensify the potential of cross-border treatment. Improving cross-border care, for the benefit of patients from Poland as well as Germany, is our common goal,” said Guben Mayor Bartłomiej Bartczak.

“During the pandemic, of all times, our cross-border cooperation in healthcare has proven indispensable and precious. In the spirit of our keyword “Together against Covid-19″/Razem przeciwko Covid-19″, we have managed to flip the switch to meet new challenges with new solutions and ensure the best possible care for all border residents and cross-border commuters, no matter which side of the border. Medicine should know no borders,” commented Joanna Józefiak, president of our association and the brainchild of the first German-Polish Medical Forum.


Professor and surgeon Tomasz Banasiewicz, Poznan Medical University talked about iWound.

We thank for the support of the hosts, the cities of Guben and Gubin! We are grateful that we were able to organize this great event in Guben City Hall!



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