The Mediciner – International Healthcare Association has existed for seven years. Initiated as a bilateral initiative by experts and practicing physicians from the German-Polish border region in 2015, the feedback from patients from both border countries about their challenges and wishes was also crucial for us to break new ground and flip the switch in traditionally nation-state-based healthcare systems – towards cross-border healthcare.

New health risks know no borders. The Covid 19 pandemic was the latest to teach us all this lesson. Since the Russian invasion of our neighboring country Ukraine, solidarity and humanitarian medical aid for Ukraine, we have been working even more intensively for the coordination and transnationalization of health care in Germany, Poland and worldwide. Thus, we work strongly with our partner organizations in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and the United States.

We, the “Mediciner” are a transnational team. We grow with our tasks and challenges! Together we are stronger!

Joanna Józefiak

the Chairwoman of The Mediciner, is the heart and soul of our association based in Frankfurt (Oder). A native of Slubice, she has made her home in Poland, Germany and the United States. Joanna Józefiak is among top healthcare managers internationally and has advised not only tens of physicians, but also ministers and public and private healthcare institutions worldwide.


(Photo: Eva Sen Photography).

Julia Erben

Assistant of the Board and medical assistant. She lives in Frankfurt (Oder). Julia is organizational multitalent, has been with The Mediciner since the very beginning and coordinates many ongoing projects in the Polish-German border region.


(Photo: Eva Sen Photography)

Jędrzej Suchorowski

Project manager in the field of cross-border health care, public health and coordinator of international cooperation of The Mediciner. Jedrzej worked as a police officer and coordinated German-Polish police cooperation in the border area. As a civic paramedic he was involved in rescue actions.  Speaks fluently several languages and lives in the Polish border region.

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Magdalena Schwabe


Press spokeswoman of The Mediciner and freelance journalist. Lives in Berlin.


Here with Joanna and Magda, 2022.

Ralph Mc Gaw


Ralph is a true multi-talent: project manager of the association, our English-speaking moderator, perfect networker. He has traveled and lived in many places around the world, including the US, Sweden and the UK. Right now he has been living in Poland for several years.


Dariusz Szaniawski


Coordinator of The Mediciner for relations with Ukraine. Philologist and SGH graduate (Warsaw). Head of a large construction company based in Warsaw and Kharkiv. Speaks fluently many Eastern European languages, including Russian and Ukrainian. Lives in Warsaw.








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